Real Estate

Real Estate - The Most Tangible of Assets


Whether you need a quit claim deed to take your name off title, warranty deeds to move a house from your personal name to a trust, or beneficiary deeds for estate planning purposes, we can help.  We draft and electronically record deeds in all Arizona counties.

Deed of Trust

If you are electing to carry a mortgage for a buyer, or otherwise need a solid deed of trust to protect your financial interest, we can help.  We will prepare and record your documents and can provide notary services for all parties.


We have handled dozens of foreclosure proceedings for clients when owners stop paying their mortgage.  From noticing to the court house steps.  We can help. 


For those that have fallen behind, we offer advice on how to come current, or whether letting a foreclosure happen is right for you.  If there are excess proceeds, we can help you recover them.

Short Sale

We offer short sale consultation with homeowners facing this hardship to ensure that they understand applicable law, and can plan for and avoid negative consequences. 


We also offer processing services, working with your lender and your real estate agent to achieve the best possible outcome.  Ask us how we can help streamline your sale.

Tax Lien Foreclosure

Tax liens are a popular and safe investment if handled appropriately.  While most liens are never foreclosed upon, we can help you navigate the complex process. 

Landlord Tenant Law

We have represented hundreds landlords with their daily needs.  From new lease agreements, demand letters, 5 day notices, evictions, and obtaining judgments, we can ensure that your property is protected.

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